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Live Event Announcements

PLEASE NOTE: Live event announcements are only available through the purchase of an Advertising Upgrade Package. For more information on the advertising upgrade packages, click here or visit the advertising upgrade form here.

Event Announcements are read live at the event and broadcast through the public address system. Each announcement will be read a number of times each day and can be up to 15 seconds long, maximum of 40 words.

Announcements allow you to attract more attention to your site, inform visitors of any competitions and promotions you may be running and create awareness of your products and services. Live event announcements may not be heard throughout the entire venue.

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  • By completing this booking request you have agreed to be bound by the following conditions: (1) Any exhibitor cancelling a site will have any advertisements removed without refund. (2) No refunds will be accepted once your payment has been processed, (3) Australian Events reserves the right to refuse or edit any advertisement at its own discretion. (4) Additional terms and conditions may be included within your site contract.