Carbon Cleaning Australia Gold Coast is a mobile service for cleaning all types of engines (diesel or petrol) and removes the dry build-up of carbon deposits from any engine. Using their unique hydrogen-powered decarbonizing machine, a technician from Carbon Cleaning Australia Gold Coast can remove nearly all carbon build-up.

In just 45 to 60 minutes, your engine will run like new!

The Carbon Cleaning machine has a remarkable cleaning capacity. With this advanced technology, developed over several years the Carbon Cleaning machine now operates in 59 countries throughout the world. Hydrogen is pulsed through the air intake pipes burning off up to 75% of the carbon deposits that prevent an engine from running smoothly. The heating effect of hydrogen makes it possible to raise the combustion temperature to trigger a pyrolysis, essentially a chemical reaction that serves to remove, burn off, disintegrate, and eliminate carbon deposits.

The Carbon Cleaning decarbonization machine is easy to use, fast, efficient, and automatically manages the pulsed hydrogen flow. To use the station they simply insert the hose of the Carbon Cleaning station into the air intake duct and then connect the clamps on to the positive and negative terminals of the vehicle’s battery. The duration of the cleaning will vary according to the contamination level of the vehicle.

So before replacing your engine parts, try Carbon Cleaning! A dirty engine from the result of carbon deposits is the latest threat to vehicle performance. You can find Carbon Cleaning Australia Gold Coast at the Gold Coast Expo at site OA275. If you register your interest at the show, you’ll also go into the daily draw for a free carbon clean and show discount.


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